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    Are you a store owner?
    FuzApp allows you to share real-time information for free, quickly, and at any time with nearby customers through your FuzApp virtual window.
    FuzApp helps us answer lots of questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis in one single App.


    • Any discounts on sports clothing in the mall next to me?
    • What promotions are going on in restaurants within 5Miles?
    • Where can I find the best Burger at the best price around me?
    • Which movies are shown in theaters close to me?
    FuzApp will give you the answer in a second.

    Place yourself on the FuzApp map

    to find the best promotions going on in a specific location.

    Store owners can manage in a quick, practical and informative way the information that can be discovered by the nearby users in the first opening of the App.

    FuzApp is not intrusive, I am always in full control of which content I want to check. Unlike the other platforms that try to influence my behavior through algorithms exploiting my personal data. I can even narrow down my search directly by store or by item.
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